"Ford v. Ferrari": Matt Damon and Christian Bale on a story of competition and friendship


In the early 1960s Ford offered just about everything you could want in a car, except maybe excitement. Back then, there was nothing very sexy about owning a Ford. So, in a bid to attract younger customers, Ford tried to buy a company that was nothing but sexy: Ferrari.

Then, as now, Ferrari made some of the fastest and prettiest cars on the planet, and in 1963 the Ford Motor Company was ready to write a check for all of the Italian carmaker. But in the end, Enzo Ferrari said something in Italian that took a lot of syllables, but could ultimately could be translated as "No."

CEO Henry Ford II was said to be humiliated – so humiliated, in fact, that he decided to build a supercar that could beat Ferrari at a race they'd dominated for years: the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Ford spent untold millions on the efforts, and failed, in 1964 and '65. So, they decided to give it one final shot in 1966 – it was Ford versus Ferrari.

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