‘Ford V Ferrari’ Revved Up California’s Economy By $101.6 Million

David Robb

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Ford v Ferrari fueled California’s economy by more than $101.6 million during the 68 days it filmed in the state, including more than $73 million in local workers’ wages, the Motion Picture Association said. The 20th Century Fox release, which received nearly $17 million in California tax incentives, was the No. 1 box office draw in its debut this past weekend: $31 million in North America and $21.4 million overseas.

“To re-create Ford’s renowned Michigan headquarters, Ferrari’s legendary Italian headquarters and the iconic Le Mans track in France, all in the heart of Southern California, is no easy feat,” said MPA chairman Charles Rivkin. “Yet, this thrilling production did just that while employing thousands of local workers and supporting small businesses. It is truly a testament to the power of film — not only to entertain but to lift up the creative and local economy.”

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Said California Film Commission executive director Colleen Bell. “Ford v Ferrari is the type of big-budget project that can bring significant employment and spending to regions across California, and we’re delighted it was filmed here in the Golden State. California can double for anywhere in the world. We have the infrastructure, locations and talent to bring just about anything filmmakers can imagine to the big screen.”

According to the MPA, more than 13,600 local workers were hired directly and indirectly on the film, which generated more than $20.8 million in expenditures on local rentals and purchases for set design, production and other supplies; $2.5 million-plus on transportation, including truck and car rentals; more than $1.6 million on local catering and food for the cast and crew; $1.1 million on lodging; and more than $1.9 million on hardware and lumber supplies.

“Shot throughout Southern California, Ford v Ferrari doesn’t just showcase our roads and vistas, it also showcases the talent and hard work of many Southern Californians employed in the production,” said Congresswoman Judy Chu (D-CA), co-chair of the House Creative Rights Caucus. “From craft services to stunts to sets to costumes and more, the film industry means good paying jobs for below the line workers in California. In fact, the movie industry has supported over 300,000 jobs and over $21 billion in wages in California alone. And it’s similar across the country where the creative industries form a vital part of our economies. That is why I’m proud to support the creative industries. Movies like Ford v Ferrari aren’t just proud cultural exports, they are also a key to economic success and the success of working families.”

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