Forecast: More snow predicted to fall Wednesday night, Thursday morning

Graphic provided by the National Weather Service
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As Lexington continues to dig itself out of the snow it received from Sunday’s storm, more snow could be heading to the area on Wednesday.

According to the National Weather Service, a mix of precipitation and a cold front could produce at least one more inch of snow in parts of Kentucky Wednesday evening, including Fayette County. Because of that, NWS said travel could become difficult at times.

The storm is projected to start Wednesday morning with rain, per NWS. Temperatures will stay above freezing for most of the day until a cold front moves in throughout the day, dropping the temperature to as low as 19 degrees and changing the rain to snow and/or a wintry mix in the evening.

Temperatures will stay below freezing all day Thursday, according to NWS.

WKYT meteorologist Jim Caldwell’s forecast calls for two-to-five inches of snow in Fayette County and parts of eastern Kentucky. Caldwell’s forecast mostly mirrors NWS’ projection, adding everyone will receive at least one inch of snow and that it will accumulate rather quickly.

KY officials urge caution after snow. Tips for driving if you have to be on the roads.

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