Forest Park coffee shop promotes BLM movement with special blend

A Forest Park coffee shop owner has a special blend of coffee that's sparking conversations about race and helping kids.

Video Transcript

JACQUES SHALO: This is our own little way, from coffee, to make an impact.

- We have a large oat milk latte.

WILL JONES: Kribi Coffee in Forest Park is more than a place to get your caffeine fix. Like so many people across the country, Jacques Shalo was outraged by the killing of George Floyd.

JACQUES SHALO: What's going on today with the disenfranchisement of our race, people of color, I see it as something that goes deep in centuries back in the continent.

WILL JONES: Shalo is originally from Cameroon.

JACQUES SHALO: My great grandparents would have been caught into slavery had they not moved from one part of the country to another.

WILL JONES: Since last summer, Kribi Coffee has been selling a coffee blend they created called Black Lives Matter. Shalo got the idea from his son Jeremiah. A portion of the sales goes to Tutoring Chicago. The organization provides educational programming for students from low income backgrounds.

EL DA' SHEON NIX: But being around for 55 years, we've seen our students leave our program and continue to excel at the high school level and then either at the college level or in the workforce.

WILL JONES: Shalo says his customers support his efforts to help reduce inequality. He hopes to create more coffee blends to help other groups and organizations.

JACQUES SHALO: We've gotten several feedback from many customers, how much they really like it. And they are very very excited to be socially impacting the movement through the consumption of the Black Lives Matter blend.

WILL JONES: You can buy Kribi Coffee's Black Lives Matter blend in store or on their website.