Forest rangers share tips to stay safe while hiking

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National Forest Service rangers in the North Carolina mountains are warning people about potential dangers before they head on a hike.

This comes after someone died while swimming at Secret Falls near Highlands, North Carolina. And another person was seriously hurt after falling near Looking Glass Falls.

“During the summer there are more visitors out in the forest so that results in more incidents,” National Forest Service officer Adrianne Rubiaco said. “These natural hazards are the swift currents that presents in both waterfalls and rivers and the pools.”

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Safety warnings from rangers include:

  • Never jump off waterfalls or dive into plunge pools at the base of waterfalls.

  • Even though it is hot outside, some streams can be approximately 50 degrees.

  • Diving into cold water can shock your body.

  • Never play in the water above a waterfall.

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