Forget About Glock: These 5 Guns Might Be Better

Charlie Gao

Charlie Gao


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Forget About Glock: These 5 Guns Might Be Better

The P-09 variant, in particular, is set to compete with the Glock for customers who want a double action/single-action pistol. With a 19-round capacity, it holds two more rounds versus a Glock 17. Like the Glock, it has a polymer frame to keep weight down, and the pistol can be configured with the safety on either side or simply as a decocker only model.

While the Glock is the most popular modern pistol, it may not be the best gun for everyone’s needs. Here are some alternatives to the Glock that could be better than it, and why.

(This first appeared earlier in the month.)

1. STI 2011

The STI 2011 is an updated, double-stack 1911 chambered in 9mm or .40 S&W. Highly customized 2011s have dominated the American competition shooting scene due to their excellent single-action only triggers, high capacity and low recoil impulse.

While triggers and upgrades exist that can get the striker-fired Glock near the level of the 2011, the superior shooting characteristics of the 2011 make it a far more popular choice in many competitive shooting divisions.

However, 2011s are more expensive, require far more maintenance and are less reliable in adverse conditions than Glocks, so they are practically unseen in military service. For non-competitors, the Glock is almost always a better choice.

2. H&K SFP9/VP9

While H&K released the first polymer-framed striker-fired pistol in the VP70, the SFP9 marked their first return to that market, almost thirty years after the release of the Glock.

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