Forget the Green New Deal: America Is Now an Energy Superpower

Mark J. Perry

America’s status as the world’s leading energy superpower was just elevated to an even more impressive level as 12 new all-time monthly production records for crude oil and natural gas output were established during August. According to new monthly data released by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) last Thursday (here and here), these are the 12 new production records, summarized in the table above:

1. Natural Gas (8 new records). The US produced more natural gas in August — 111.4 billion cubic feet per day – than in any previous month, and which represented an annual increase of 9.1% compared to last August. New natural gas production records were also established in the states of Texas (14.0%), Pennsylvania (11.3%), Louisiana (21.5%), Ohio (15.8%), West Virginia (18.1%), New Mexico (21.1%) and North Dakota (23.2%), which all had the double-digit percent increases year-over-year show above. Over a longer period of time, the most impressive gains in natural gas production are for Pennsylvania, which experienced a 38-fold increase in gas output since January 2006 when the EIA started reporting state-level production and a 31-fold increase in Ohio’s production over the same period. Pennsylvania and Ohio, along with West Virginia have the fortune of being situated on top of the prolific Marcellus and Utica Shale Formations, which is the largest source of natural gas in the US accounting for almost 30% of America’s total natural gas production (vs. about 25% from Texas).

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