Forget Sen. Wendy Rogers' Buffalo remarks, someone should investigate her fundraising claims

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Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers falsely claimed that the Yuma County sheriff has arrested 'ballot mules.' He hasn't.
Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers falsely claimed that the Yuma County sheriff has arrested 'ballot mules.' He hasn't.

We travel now to the alternate reality inhabited by state Sen. Wendy Rogers, who apparently never lets inconvenient facts get in the way of a good grift.

Rogers on Thursday sent out yet another plea for campaign donations, this time falsely claiming that the Yuma County sheriff has opened an investigation into election fraud as a result of the (supposedly) stunning conspiracy uncovered by the film, “2000 Mules”.

Never mind that he hasn’t and it didn’t.

“The film ‘2000 Mules’ showed how a conspiracy to throw the election was executed,” Rogers reports to her supporters. “Now, the mules in Arizona have been outed- and arrests are finally happening!”

Sheriff is investigating claims, none with 'ballot mules'

Rogers’ plea for funds comes after filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza announced a few weeks ago that Yuma County has opened an investigation as a result of his “2000 Mules” documentary – the one in which he claims to have evidence that people repeatedly walked or drove by drop boxes and thus they must have been “ballot mules” hired to stuff those boxes with phony votes.

Fact checkers, far and wide, have found D’Souza’s analysis to be flawed. But, of course, that just means they’re all part of the “deep state,” right?

“The Sheriff of Yuma saw our movie, went berserk and has opened up an investigation,” D’Souza said on a recent podcast.

Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot didn’t appear berserk or even mildly exercised by D’Souza’s claim to have “evidence” of nefarious goings-on in his county.

Last week, he told Arizona Mirror’s Jerod Macdonald-Evoy that he is, indeed, investigating a handful of cases of voter misconduct. In fact, he has been for more than a year.

Most of those 16 cases involve people who voted more than once, sometimes in multiple states. None of them appear to involve any vast conspiracy by ballot mules, or even small donkeys.

“These ongoing investigations are not related to or inspired by any movie or celebrity figure, but rather facts and evidence regarding violation of Arizona statute,” Wilmot told the Mirror.

Don't let facts stop a good fundraising plea

But hey, don’t let the facts get in the way as you reach into Republicans’ pockets.

“For a year and a half, I've been waiting to see perp walks for the steal of the 2020 election. Finally, we got some!” Rogers wrote on Thursday. “We can’t let up now- now we have to press for justice for the stolen election!”

And by pressing for justice, Rogers means you should send her money, on top of the millions she already has raised by screaming “fraud!” Rogers’ latest email contains no fewer than eight links to her fundraising site, where you can “expose the election fraud” by handing over $35 or $100 or $5,300, or make a monthly recurring donation to her campaign.

“Now they are scared- we finally caught them and arrests were made,” she wrote, citing a laughably unsubstantiated report in a far-right gossip rag. “But that was just one county. We need more- and I'll never stop working to bring to justice those who saddled us with Biden. The Deep State wants me gone. Will you help me beat them?”

Rogers already is facing a Senate ethics investigation for falsely suggesting that the massacre in Buffalo was a false-flag operation conducted by agents of the federal government. Now she’s falsely suggesting that Yuma County is making arrests in a widespread plot to steal the 2020 election so you should send her money.

If a charity was engaged in such a scam, we’d call it fraud.

Rogers, meanwhile, reaches into Republicans’ pockets with impunity.

Laughing, no doubt, all the way to the bank.

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This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: Sen. Wendy Rogers' latest fundraising plea is scammier than usual