Former AG Schneiderman Will Not Be Criminally Charged Over Abuse Allegations

Eric Schneiderman. Photo: Seth Wenig/AP

Eric Schneiderman. Photo: Seth Wenig/AP

Former Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who resigned in May amid allegations of domestic abuse from four women, will not face criminal charges, Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas said Thursday.

Singas was appointed as a special prosecutor in the case by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in May after an article in The New Yorker detailed the accounts of women who claimed Schneiderman became physically violent with them when they were dating, particularly when he had been drinking.

Singas said in a statement that she believed the women who came forward but that legal impediments, including statutes of limitations, prevented her office from bringing charges against Schneiderman.

“Following an exhaustive review, evaluation of the facts, the law, and applicable statutes of limitations, I have concluded our investigation into the allegations of physical abuse allegedly committed by former New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman without criminal charges,” Singas said.

Singas said in the statement that she’s sent a legislative proposal to state lawmakers that would change part of the state’s penal law so in future cases similar to Schneiderman’s, prosecutors may have the option to bring criminal charges.

Schneiderman said in a statement responding to Singas’ decision not to bring charges that he spent time in a rehab facility following his resignation and that he acknowledges his conduct with the women was wrong.

“I recognize that District Attorney Singas’ decision not to prosecute does not mean I have done nothing wrong. I accept full responsibility for my conduct in my relationships with my accusers, and for the impact it had on them,” Schneiderman said. “After spending time in a rehab facility, I am committed to a lifelong path of recovery and making amends to those I have harmed. I apologize for any and all pain that I have caused, and I apologize to the people of the State of New York for disappointing them after they put their trust in me.”

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