A Former Bachelorette Had an Interesting Moment with the Kardashians


Season 11 Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe met the Kardashians for the first time at the 2019 Peoples Choice Awards. She is a huge fan of the show and was excited to meet the women in real life. She had an embarrassing incident with the sisters and mom. Katilyn shared the story on her podcast to many laughs. She should not feel bad because the Kardashians probably said thanks automatically. It is still very funny though. The sisters will not remember the situation, so she can relax!


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Her Hilarious Encounter

On her podcast,  Off the Vine With Kaitlyn Bristowe, she shared “I have a confession. And it was from that night. Everyone’s probably expecting this to be way worse than it is ‘cause I was, like, ‘I had the most embarrassing thing happen to me in front of the Kardashians’ … I’m a little mortified. So, you know when you see people on TV, and you think you’re friends with them?” This is the beginning of the potential horror show she encountered that night.

Fangirling Goes Wrong

She decides to fangirl like any of us would when in the presence of our favorite celebrity. So, she just walked right up to the Kardashians. There was Kim [Kardashian], Khloe [Kardashian], Kourtney [Kardashian] and Kris [Jenner]… And I walked right up, and I was like, ‘Hey!’ And they looked at me and went, ‘Hey!’ And I don’t know if they were just being nice or if they watch the show." This is cringe and hilarious. Social media is truly a funny thing!

Embarrassing Moment

The encounter ended with this lasting memory, "I don’t know. Apparently, they watch the show, so I’m just going to pretend that they know who I am. And well, I said, ‘I fall asleep to you guys every night. It’s so comforting!’ And Kourtney was like, ‘Thanks.’ And they all just looked at me like, ‘She cray." Wow, it's no wonder they reacted this way! It comes off a little weird, but it is understandable. Most people get flustered in front of their favs.

It Gets Better

This story gets worse, but has a happy ending! She explains how she thought Kourtney really looked at me like she knew. She was like, ‘It’s good to see you!’ So, she was like okay, this is cool. And then I started bowing down to them…I did not play it cool…I literally started bowing to them". BOWING? Who is bowing to each other anymore? This is too funny.

She should feel better because Khloe tweeted that most of the sisters could not hear anything behind the stage. It was way too loud.