Former Barn Find 1968 Shelby GT350 Sees Light After Four Decades

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This classic Mustang will soon be on the prowl again.

1968 is a great year for the Ford Mustang that we all know and love dearly. Having been in production for about four years at that point, it was time to spice things up in a few different ways. Along with some added exterior features that made the body look a little more appealing to a younger crowd, it also got a lot of performance upgrades. However, even the highest specked Mustang from the Ford factory couldn’t even come close to the sort of performance capable with a Shelby model. This car is a great example of that.

As you might expect, The car has been sitting for quite some time in the barn. That is why they called him barn finds after all, but this one has a few features you might not find on a lot of classic cars. First of all, this is a Shelby GT350, a very Trak focused classic muscle car who competed against everything from Corvettes to Camaros back in the day. Similarly to today’s models, they used an engine that was quite a bit larger than the stock motor. In fact, this one has a 302 cubic inch Shelby Cobra V8 as opposed to the factory 289 in.³ Ford V8, a very big upgrade to be sure.

Amazingly, though the appearance might suggest otherwise, this Ford is entirely rust free. This is a feature you don’t regularly see on older automobiles and even some newer ones already have rust. What this means is that, while it has been sitting for quite some time, it was initially stored somewhere safe from the elements and pretty well taken care of despite the looks of it. After 40 years of sitting, this Mustang finally has found a new driver who intends to restore it and get it back on the road for an even more fun drive. We’ll have to see how things go from here but it should be safe to say that this is a new corner for one of America’s most iconic and well option Mustangs.

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