Former caregiver sentenced for theft conviction

Aug. 31—The Free Press

MANKATO — A former caregiver was sentenced to probation and ordered to pay restitution after being convicted of felony theft this week in Blue Earth County District Court.

Charges against Kristina Marie Vaughan, 34, of St. Peter, date back to June 2022 when she was accused of theft and financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult, according to a criminal complaint. She had the felony financial exploitation charge dismissed.

The complaint filed against her stated she was a live-in caretaker for a man who sustained a stroke about 12 years ago. In the role, she reportedly wrote checks, picked up groceries, cooked and cleaned.

The man's son called law enforcement after learning of a possible theft. Investigators said Vaughan told them she used the man's bank account to buy clothes and pay her credit-card bills.

Vaughan's probation will last for five years, according to a sentencing order. She'll be required to pay back $7,249 to the victim in $150 increments per month.

The entire restitution amount must be paid in full 180 days before her probationary period ends.

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