Former Colombian lawmaker pulls off brazen escape

A brazen escape by a former Colombian lawmaker serving 15 years in prison.

CCTV footage shows her using a rope to shimmy down to the street below...she's helped by onlookers as she falls to the ground.

Aida Merlano- had been escorted by a prison guard to a doctor's office in Bogota...but was left alone inside the office...according to local media.

After escaping from the doctor's office she then hops on a waiting motorcycle and speeds off.

A Colombian prison official General William Ruiz said authorities are taking a closer look at what went wrong.

(SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) FORMER DIRECTOR OF THE COLOMBIAN NATIONAL PENITENTIARY AND PRISON INSTITUTE, GENERAL WILLIAM RUIZ, SAYING: "There is an investigation underway for the mistake that may have occurred regarding the oversight of the mission, of taking her to the doctor's office and bringing her back to the women's prison."

The 43-year-old had been sentenced by the country's supreme court to 15 years in prison for illegal firearms possession, electoral fraud and crimes.

She has not been seen by authorities since her escape.