Former Corewell Health physician sues healthcare group for alleged religious-based discrimination

A former Corewell Health physician is suing the healthcare group for alleged religious-based discrimination. The bombshell lawsuit was filed this week and it claims that one of Corwell Health clinics in Taylor violated the former employee's civil rights among other serious allegations. ​Samer Ilayan started his residency in 2019 and was eventually hired as an attending at Beaumont Athens Clinic in Tayor. But, in less than a year Dr. Ilayan says he was wrongfully let go. ​ "To say my family worked so hard as immigrants coming to America for a better life, and for me to go through all that hard work, was taken away, it really crushed me," he said. As a practicing Muslim, Dr. Ilayan says requested 5-minute breaks for daily prayers and time to attend weekly Friday prayers. He says his requests were denied. ​