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Former Cult Member Reacts To Discovery Of Leader's 'Mummified' Remains In Colorado Home

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The Saguache County Sheriff's Office arrested seven people after investigators found the body of a cult leader inside a home near Crestone in southern Colorado.

Video Transcript

JIM BENEMANN: Thanks for joining us. It's 6 o'clock. I'm Jim Benemann.

KAREN LEIGH: I'm Karen Leigh. The leader of a cult was found dead and mummified in a sleeping bag wrapped with Christmas lights in Southern Colorado.

JIM BENEMANN: Amy Lia Carlson was the leader of a cult called Love Has Won. Carlson called herself Mother God and proclaimed to have been reincarnated countless times.

KAREN LEIGH: CBS 4's Rick Sallinger is on our top story tonight. And Rick, now multiple cult members are under arrest?

RICK SALLINGER: Yes they are, Karen. They were all in a home near Crestone. Foul play is not suspected in their leader's death. She was said to be a heavy, heavy drinker and also a drug user. You may have seen her on "The Dr. Phil Show."

AMY CARLSON: My own light workers battled me!

RICK SALLINGER: Her name-- Amy Carlson. She also went by Lia, but best known as Mother God, leader of the group Love Has Won. Now, she is dead.

ANDREW PROFACI: Shocking, really. I wasn't surprised at her passing because I had heard that she was not in very good health and it was getting worse.

RICK SALLINGER: Andrew Profaci is a former member of Love Has Won. He spoke with our Dominic Garcia. This photo obtained by reporter Be Schofield shows Sheriff's deputies raided a home outside Crestone last week. They found a body described as mummified. Reports say it had glitter and Christmas lights on.

ANDREW PROFACI: When I joined the team I thought I'd be just a guy in the background. And she had other ideas. She told me I was going to be the father god to her mother god.

RICK SALLINGER: Carlson appeared on the Dr. Phil show last year. She was asked about leaving her children for Love Has One.

AMY CARLSON: I didn't want to leave. And they told me I had to go on a mission. If I didn't do it then no one else would.

RICK SALLINGER: Carlson was described by many as a heavy drinker. The people who were in her home where the body was found have been arrested on charges of child abuse and abuse of a corpse. Two children were present. Profaci says, since he left Love Has One, it has changed.

ANDREW PROFACI: I would characterize it as a cult now.

RICK SALLINGER: Those facing charges are to appear in court in Saguache County via video link tomorrow, and we'll be down there to see what happens.

KAREN LEIGH: All right, Rick, thank you.