Former Florida prosecutor Andrew Warren sues Gov. Ron DeSantis to get job back

According to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Andrew Warren was a “woke” prosecutor who sought to impose the radical agenda of the billionaire George Soros on the residents of Hillsborough County. DeSantis suspended him on Aug. 4, after Warren said he would refuse to prosecute cases involving abortion or children’s gender-related surgeries, issues on which the ambitious governor has crusaded in recent months.

Video Transcript

ANDREW WARREN: Governor DeSantis likes to brag about the so-called free state of Florida. But let's look at the people that he's gone after for speaking out in a way that he disapproved of.

First it was businesses, where he went after Disney and other "woke" companies, whatever that means. Then it was teachers and their ability to talk to students in the classroom. Now he's going after a public servant.

He likes to say the free state of Florida. It sure doesn't seem free to a lot of us.