Former Greenup Sheriff trial delayed

Dec. 28—The trial of a former Greenup County Sheriff accused of dipping his hand in the department's till has been delayed until July 2023.

According to motions filed in the case, it appears the trial will be delayed until July 18, 2023, due to medical reasons.

While the details are under seal — meaning not for the purview of the public — a motion filed by the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Kentucky states "given the extensive medical issues described in the defendant's motion, the United States agrees that the ends of justice served by the requested continuance would outweigh the public's and the defendant's interests in a speedy trial."

Cooper is accused of stealing money and ammo from the office and lying to investigators in Frankfort about it. At a detention hearing in early 2022, an FBI agent testified that Cooper had made statements that if he were arrested for the fraud, he would shoot it out with the law.

Since April, Cooper has been out on bond in order to receive treatment for a life-threatening cancer diagnosis.