Take it from a former history teacher: Southlake must teach facts of the Holocaust

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Don’t downplay the Holocaust

Southlake school officials just can’t keep from tripping over themselves and putting the district continuously in the national spotlight. The story about an executive director of curriculum and instruction telling teachers to provide opposing perspectives if they have books about the Holocaust is only outlandish (Oct. 15, 1A, “Southlake teachers told books about Holocaust need opposing views”).

The comment gives the stamp of approval to downplay or deny it ever happened. If not an attempt to whitewash history, it is nothing short of an ignorant understanding by the administrator.

I’m a former world history teacher, and students left my class every year knowing facts and details about the Holocaust. There was never any question in their minds about what happened and how it was important to not only never forget, but to never let it happen again.

- Brian E. Rosson, Fort Worth

What are they hiding?

You want to know how bad critical race theory is? It’s so bad that Democrats didn’t want you to know they’re in favor of it.

If Democrats told you what they really want to do, you wouldn’t vote for them. Makes you wonder what else they don’t want you to know.

- Gene Tignor, Emory

Sting operation is such a relief

On the sting operation focusing on contributors to “the forces of evil” — adult men and some teenagers attempting to pay for sex — at least six agencies were involved in this roundup (Oct. 12, 1A, “Authorities arrest 115 men on suspicion of soliciting prostitution”). Thanks to Gov. Greg Abbott and our Legislature, these suspects can now be charged with felonies.

This will continue as an ongoing operation, so it’s nice to know that our taxpayer money is being judiciously spent and that our local war against the “oldest profession” is under way. Perhaps we would be even better served if a bounty were available for informants who snitch on anyone considering this heinous act.

- David N. Snider, Arlington

Hope, help for the community

The Oct. 11 front page featured two nonprofits benefiting Fort Worth’s underserved population (“New apprenticeship is raising wages, quality in child care” and “Clinic offers health care to those least able to afford it”). It gave me renewed hope for our community’s future. Thanks for shining a light on the good news.

- Sue OHara-Jones, Weatherford

They’re trying to do too much

We’re seeing perpetual government overreach at all levels, especially with regard to personal health choices. Both political parties are equally guilty.

We expect to maintain our own individual rights, beliefs and choices, while fervently thinking it is OK to restrict or even eliminate the rights of those who believe differently. This holds true for much of the recent COVID vaccine mandates and abortion legislation.

Whose rights are more important: yours or mine? How invasive should we allow the city, state or federal government to be?

- Wendy Stoecker, Arlington

Let’s encourage people to read

The Editorial Board says that we could use more books for school libraries and that we must find ways to raise students’ reading levels (Sept. 28, 7A, “Want more Fort Worth kids to read? Spend more on school libraries. This is not hard”).

This was a problem before COVID-19. We cannot force people to read, but we can at least encourage them. Make sure they try books a little above their reading level so they are challenging themselves.

A beginning reader should spend at least 20 minutes a day reading to or with someone. One way to get children interested in reading is to have parents read to them before they get to grade school. It’s time to encourage young students to improve their reading.

- Ethan Koehne, Haltom City

Put a stop to panhandling

I’m tired of seeing panhandlers in every corner of our city. They even stand by fast-food drive-thrus. Isn’t there an ordinance to prevent this? When are the police going to enforce that?

- William Campbell, Fort Worth

New low for Pence, Haley

I’ve discovered recently that Mike Pence and Nikki Haley would be tremendous limbo stick contestants. Surely no one else could stoop as low as they have in kissing up to Donald Trump, ostensibly to curry favor with his followers. They have set a new low bar.

- George Aldridge, Arlington

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