Former Horn Lake High football player Darius Harris making fourth Super Bowl appearance

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Darius Harris, a former Horn Lake High football player, is heading back to the Super Bowl, and he credits his success to those back home.

“For my fifth year in the league, to be able to go to the Super Bowl for the fourth time, it is truly something that you don’t get tired of. You don’t ever get bored with or used to it,” said Harris.

The Horn Lake native is hoping for another Super Bowl win during the Chiefs’ game against the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas on Sunday night.

”Everything that I’ve endured and gone through, I definitely wouldn’t change it for the world,” said Harris. “The good and the bad. It all brought me forward to this present moment.”

Harris says he wouldn’t have reached this moment without the support of his former coaches, community, and most importantly his family– whom he lovingly calls the Brady Bunch.

”I just want to say thank you all because even though I’m here, I’m a reflection of you guys and I definitely wouldn’t even be here without you,” said Harris.

He says he was first introduced to football when he was in elementary school– and he wasn’t very good.

”I honestly wanted to quit,” the linebacker said. “I told my mom I wanted to quit, but you know as a single mother paying those fees, she’s like, ‘Look, I already paid the fees for the season. They’re nonrefundable. So, you’re going to at least stick it out for this year.'”

When asked if it was a good investment for her son, Yolanda Lee said, “Probably so. Look at where it has him.”

Lee knew he was destined for greatness.

After graduating from Horn Lake High School in 2014, Darius continued his football career at Middle Tennessee State University.

“He didn’t get drafted,” said Lee. “He signed as a free agent, and now we’re going into our fifth year in the NFL.”

Not only has he made his family proud, but his mother also says he’s an inspiration to those in his hometown. Last year, the mayor of Horn Lake proclaimed May 16 as Darius Harris Day.

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”You never think people from here are going to make it or will never go to college. Even if I go to community college, I can’t go to a division one school, but all of that is possible. You just have to put in the work,” said Lee.

Harris says he hopes his journey will encourage others to continue pushing toward their full potential despite all obstacles.

”Just keep believing in yourself and continue to believe and continue to pray because there is a plan for you,” said Harris. “There is a plan for you regardless of what you may be going through and understand that it doesn’t rain forever.”

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Many of Darius’s family members are in Las Vegas cheering him on. You can catch the Super Bowl on WREG News Channel 3 Sunday night.

Coverage begins at 10:30 a.m. with the game starting at 5:30 p.m.

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