Former Houston-area HS athlete killed in drug deal, police say

The 19-year-old suspect now faces charges after the murder of Texas State football player Khambrail Winters last November.

Video Transcript

- Hey, good evening, Art. The tributes are pouring in on social media for Khambrail Winters, who was loved by so many. You read those tributes, those posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you speak to people who know him and everyone says the same thing. And that's that there was something special about this kid.

- It's one of the kids to just make you appreciate everything about football. He loves being around it. I mean, he was there 24/7, just one of his kids you always-- you're grateful when those kind of kids come around.

- News of the former Alief Lions standout turned San Marcos Bobcats death was something people who knew Khambrail Winters didn't want to believe.

- I got a phone call early this morning, and it's like, anything else you want to hear from somebody else. Like, you got to check to make sure it's real.

- San Marcos police say the 20-year-old was found with a gunshot wound in his chest at a student housing apartment complex around 9:15 last night. Detectives say they learned during interviews that Winters and two others planned to buy a couple of ounces of marijuana. While the female was conducting the deal, police say Winters was shot and died on the scene. The male and female he was with were arrested and charged with capital murder.

- It's definitely fishy. It's definitely like, something's not-- that doesn't add up. And again to put drugs and Khambrail Winter's name in the same sentence is ridiculous. Like the fact like-- I just don't-- I don't believe it. I don't. Somebody's-- somebody's fibbing somewhere.

- And that's what everyone I spoke to said. San Marcos police said that they are still looking for two other people. This is only their third homicide of 2020.