Former Hygiene Fire captain accused of sex assault no longer with Mountain View

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May 25—A former Hygiene Fire captain accused of sexually assaulting multiple women is no longer with Mountain View Fire, while his former assistant chief has also been fired.

Kamron Barnaby, 30, is charged with six counts of sexual assault — submission against the victim's will and four counts of unlawful sexual contact.

According to a release, four women came forward and accused Barnaby of sexual assault or unlawful sexual contact in various instances between 2018 and 2021.

Two of the women were subordinates under Barnaby, who was a Hygiene Fire captain at the time.

The allegations include sexual assaults that occurred while Barnaby was on duty and incidents of Barnaby sending sexually harassing messages to subordinates.

Several women reported not coming forward initially due to fear of retaliation.

According to the affidavit, there was an investigation into Barnaby having an inappropriate relationship while at Hygiene Fire, but Barnaby was allowed to resign to avoid being fired.

Barnaby had been employed with Mountain View Fire Rescue following his departure from Hygiene, but was placed on unpaid leave when the department was notified of the allegations.

This week, Mountain View Fire Rescue spokesman Rick Tillery said Barnaby "is no longer with our agency," and that Barnaby's last day was the day of his arrest.

"We regret, but understand, the response to the case," Barnaby's defense attorney John Pineau said in a statement. "At present, the most honest assessment of the allegations are that they are extremely complex, punishable by a life sentence to prison, and Mr. Barnaby is presumed innocent on the law and the facts."

Meanwhile, Hygiene Fire confirmed that former Assistant Chief Russ Benzel, who was in place when Barnaby was on staff, has been let go.

In response to inquiries about Benzel's name and title being removed from the department's website, Hygiene Fire Chief Cody Trevithick said Benzel was "terminated" last week. No specific reason was disclosed and Trevithick said "no investigation was done."

Barnaby is set for a preliminary hearing on July 13, and is out of custody on $100,000 bond.

Because the sex assault charges fall under Colorado's indeterminate sentencing laws for sex offenses, Barnaby could be facing a life sentence if convicted at trial.