Former Leesville road football player hoping juice business takes off

One former Leesville player recently made the leap from the football field to the culinary world by opening his own juice business called Blue Faces Juice.

Video Transcript

BRIDGET CONDON: A lot of children dream about playing professional sports, but as they grow, they learn the reality is very few get there. Many athletes are forced to think about what's next. One former Leesville player recently made the jump from the football fields to the culinary world.

Devin Williamson is taking his talents off the field and into the kitchen. Williamson played football at Tuscola College in Tennessee and had dreams of playing in the NFL, but suffered a right achilles tendon injury that ended his football career, forcing him to try something new.

DEVIN WILLIAMSON: I always had potential to go to the NFL. My goals were to go to the NFL. Luckily, my school worked with me, and I got to continue finishing studying sports management. So I was just in my dorm room. I started working on a plan B, and it just-- over time, Blue Faces Juice just came to life.

- Williamson saw a need for juices in Raleigh, and after saving up for a cold presser, he created his own business called Blue Faces Juice.

- Blue Faces is a reference to the $100 bill, so I'm using this to promote health, as well, and trying to convince people to invest in themselves. Because I truly believe that's the most important investment we have in life.

LEIGH STERRETT: Devin, he's a go getter. I'm very proud of what he's done. He definitely knows what he wants. He's got his goals, and I just think it's awesome. And I'm here to support him any way I can.

- Williamson says, playing sports helped to teach him how to properly fuel his body, and through trial and error, he's created about 10 different juices. He makes all of them himself and gets most of his profits from his website online, but also, sells them at various fitness centers, like here at Red Bird Vitality.

- I'm willing to help anybody out that's really willing to help themselves out, so it was just a good fit for us. And I respect what he's done. And I wish him nothing, but the best.

- To me, it means a better Raleigh, a better community. I like to help people. I want to see people succeed. I've always been a healthy person, always been into health and wellness. I just figured, if I can afford a cold presser, I think I could build a business off of it.

- Williamson's long term goal is to open a juice bar in Raleigh, but first, he's working on getting a food truck and growing his business from there. Joe?