Marine who owns local auto-body shop helps fellow veteran in need with free repair

Military veterans share a bond unlike any other.

When the owner of a local auto-body shop found another veteran in need, he went above and beyond to pay it forward.

“I was in the Navy, I was heading for the marines before I got hurt,” said John Carson.

Carson, a 92-year-old Navy veteran, came into Strother Brother’s auto in Valencia with car problems.

“He came and walked a mile, 95 years old walking that far... Two days later he came back and said something is wrong with my car I could tell he really didn’t have that kind of money,” said Kevin Strother.

Strother is also a veteran. He was a diesel mechanic in the Marine Corps before recently buying the autobody shop. He was blown away that Carson walked a mile to check on his vehicle.

“He needed an alternator,” Strother explained.

Kevin decided he would personally drop Carson’s car off to him after fixing it for free.

“I said ‘holy smoke,’” said Carson. “I found that out when I looked at the bill and I almost fell over. I tell ya, I almost cried because not everybody recognizes us.”

Strother’s shop does recognize veterans, already offering a military discount.

“The least we can do is show support for the military veterans,” Strother said.

“It surprising how few people think that way,” Carson said.

“Very few,” added Strother. “Like I said, John, you’re my brother. I’d do anything to help you out man!”

11 News asked Carson for photos from his time in the military, but he doesn’t have any. Almost his entire career was spent on top-secret missions. He lost his hearing in an explosion in Russia, but that didn’t stop him. He continued to serve his country well into his 70′s.

A lifetime of service, and he’s never shared any secret details. He only shared this advice:

“I want people to know they have the best country in the world here, and they should take good care of it,” Carson said.

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