Former Miami police chief lands CNN job. In Miami, we’re still shaking our heads | Editorial

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Former and brief Miami Police Chief Art Acevedo has landed on his feet.

Acevedo, whose troubled six months as Miami police chief ended with his termination in October, is now a CNN analyst. He made his debut this week in a segment of “The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer” to discuss gun violence in America. That’s a good gig for the former chief.

As 2021 closes for the Editorial Board, we consider the rise and fall of Acevedo as one of the most baffling Miami stories of the year. It’s been a while since someone burned so brightly, for so short a time. We’re still scratching our heads about how quickly things went South for Acevedo.

Blame it on Miami politics, blame it on plotters and schemers within the Miami police department rank and file, blame it on the process and vetting not being followed for such a big job, and blame it on Acevedo for not grasping the intricacies of Miami-Dade. We know they can be daunting for any outsider rolling into town, but still.

He should have at least known that the term “Cuban mafia” would offend Cuban exiles; it’s Fidel Castro’s sarcastic pet name for them.

We’ll never know for sure if Acevedo was a reformer taken down by the powers that be within his department, or the commission Acevedo threatened to report to the feds for interfering with his department’s work. Brave or stupid?

Acevedo was jinxed from the start by the secret deal struck up by Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and City Manager Art Noriega, to hire him sight unseen, unvetted by anyone in Miami. It was the only way we could steal him away from the Houston Police Department, the mayor told us..

We hear Acevedo briefly entertained running for Los Angeles County sheriff but didn’t. And there was once talk that he would run for the new position of sheriff of Miami-Dade. We’ll see.

For now, he’ll be discussing gun violence on CNN, which is where many of us first became aware of Acevedo before he came to Miami.

We wish Acevedo luck in his new job.

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