Former NBA player stages one-man inauguration protest

The District of Columbia was prepared for violence as President Biden was inaugurated on Wednesday. Following the riotous insurrection staged by supporters of then-President Donald Trump at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, much of the downtown area in the nation's capital was turned into a fortified "red zone" patrolled by thousands of members of the National Guard. However, the anticipated large pro-Trump demonstrations did not take place, but one man did take to the streets to protest Biden's victory: former NBA player David Wood. Clothed in religious and patriotic paraphernalia, Wood told Yahoo News that he is confident that Biden will resign or be arrested for committing voter fraud shortly after taking office — though he does not personally subscribe to the QAnon conspiracy that makes similar baseless claims.

Video Transcript

- What's your name, Sir?

DAVID WOOD: David Wood.

- And are you with any group or just here on your own behalf?

DAVID WOOD: I'm a follower of Jesus Christ. I love God. I worship God with my horn and I'm a former NBA player too.

- Really? Which team?

DAVID WOOD: Played with eight NBA teams.

- Wow. And is that-- is that a Templar crest on the-- on your shirt there?


- The cross, is that-- is that a--

DAVID WOOD: I don't know what it is. I bought this shirt. It says, "one nation under God".

- Wow.

DAVID WOOD: It shows Jesus hugging the United States flag. Jesus loves all countries, but he does love America. This is God's country. You can't steal God's country through voter fraud, I'll just tell you that right now.

- Can you blow your horn again?

DAVID WOOD: Yeah, I'd love to do that. Praise the Lord.

- What's the longest you can blow?

DAVID WOOD: Praise the Lord. That's about the longest I can do, right there.

- How do you feel about Anfi-- What does Antifa mean? What does Antifa mean?

DAVID WOOD: I don't know about Antifa, but I know that-- you know, there's a group of organized people that want to take away our rights, want communism to reign. Want--

- Please explain.

DAVID WOOD: What to promote one group of people over other groups of people. We're all God's children.

- But you were-- you were saying that Antifa and Black Lives Matter were the people who either-- who were the people who rioted at the Capitol.

DAVID WOOD: I never said Black Lives Matter. Black lives matter to me. Black lives matter to God. I'm a big supporter of the term, Black Lives Matter. Yes, they do matter.

- But were you at the Capitol on the sixth?


- What did you do?

DAVID WOOD: I um-- I couldn't believe the spin on that. The Trump rally was amazingly peaceful. They started it out in a prayer to God. It was like a country music concert, everybody was getting along.

Before he even finished his speech, there was a riot at the Capitol. And everybody's going to blame it on Donald Trump. He said, "March to the Capitol. Do not be violent. We'll never give up. We'll never quit."

I mean, that's not inciting a riot. It's so ridiculous, the spin. The spin in the media is really, really bad.

- And what do you think is going to happen at noon today?

DAVID WOOD: I'll tell you what's going to happen, Donald Trump's going to serve four more years. Joe Biden could be inaugurated, he could be arrested-- right after he's inaugurated, but--

- Arrested for what?

DAVID WOOD: It's safe to say he's-- he's going to resign soon. And--

- What do you think they would arrest him for?

DAVID WOOD: Voter fraud. Yeah.

- And do you-- do you believe--

DAVID WOOD: He said it himself. He said, we're in charge of the biggest voter fraud situation in the history of the world.

- Joe Biden said that?

DAVID WOOD: Joe Biden said that, yeah.

- Now, do you believe in Q? Do you think that's part of the reason?

DAVID WOOD: I believe in Jesus Christ. Q has-- has predicted some things, but I-- I don't follow Q. I don't even know where you see Q, but I know people who quote Q a lot. They have predicted a lot of things.

- Thank you.