Former Patriots Player Phillip Adams Killed 5 People, Then Himself In South Carolina

The gunman who killed five people including a prominent doctor in South Carolina was former NFL player Phillip Adams, who killed himself early Thursday, according to a source who was briefed on the investigation.

Video Transcript

- A former NFL player who briefly played for the New England Patriots is accused of killing five people in South Carolina. 32-year-old Phillip Adams then apparently shot and killed himself. Police say his victims included a well-known physician, that doctor's wife, and their two grandchildren. Authorities in South Carolina were called to the home on Rock Hill, south of Charlotte, just before 5 o'clock Wednesday evening.

KEVIN R. TOLSON: There's nothing about this right now that makes sense to any of us.

- Inside were the bodies of 70-year-old Dr. Robert Lesslie, his wife of more than 40 years, Barbara, and their nine- and five-year-old grandchildren. A man working at the home, 38-year-old James Lewis, was found dead outside.

KEVIN R. TOLSON: If we can succeed in that, in answering some why questions, it will certainly relieve the minds of the families.

- Police have identified the shooter as 32-year-old Phillip Adams, a former NFL player. They located Adams in a nearby home.

KEVIN R. TOLSON: At around 2:30 AM, we confirmed that Mr. Adams, Mr. Phillip Adams, that the suspect is deceased in a bedroom in the home.

- Phillip Adams!

- A seventh-round draft pick in 2010, Adams played for a number of teams in his five-year NFL career, including the New York Jets and the Patriots for six games. But he suffered a severe ankle injury and concussions.

DR. ROBERT LESSLIE: We've had a pretty active--

- Dr. Lesslie was well known in Rock Hill and wrote books about work in the ER.

- He was caring. He understood his patients. He was there for his patients. And, I mean, he always made you laugh.

- Officials continue to investigate a motive for the shooting. Now, a sixth person who was also working there at the Lesslie home was also shot and remains hospitalized with serious injuries.