Former POW on Trump: ‘I wouldn’t want him as my wingman’

Bianna Golodryga
Yahoo News and Finance Anchor

As the war of words between Donald Trump and Sen. John McCain continues to escalate, Yahoo news and finance anchor Bianna Golodryga spoke to Capt. Charlie Plumb, a former Vietnam prisoner of war who was held alongside McCain in the notorious Hanoi Hilton.

Plumb said McCain was the worst-injured POW he saw in his more than 2,000 days at the Hanoi Hilton. After he heard Trump’s criticism of McCain, Plumb said the words of “this draft dodger” were “insignificant” to him.

On Trump’s criticism of the Veterans Affairs system, Plumb said, “I don’t really think he represents the majority of the veterans.”

Plumb went on to say he had once worked with Trump, ironically enough, on McCain’s 2008 presidential run, and had found him to be a smart and engaging personality. But Trump’s Vietnam-era draft deferment and comments about POWs would make it very hard for the captain to vote for the presidential candidate.

“I wouldn’t want him as my wingman,” he concluded.