Formula 1 2022 - Race Sundays - Race #15 - Netherlands - Post Race & Summer Silliness Recap

Welcome to our first show covering post race results and discussion. I have with me my co host whom we will call Dr F1 as she's been doing fantastic this season in her F1 fantasy team ranking within the top 20 in Canada and top 200 globally. We will have a quick recap of Summer Silliness and what transpired with Alpine and McLaren. You will see from the video that I am VERY biased. :) We will be discussing Race #15 in the Netherlands - the highs and the lows and our overall thoughts on the race. I got some packs as well, so we will be breaking some Topps Turbo Attax and commentate on the drivers we get. We got into Formula 1 after we watched the first season of Drive to Survive. Great job Netflix, we are totally hooked. We would love to hear your input about what you thought about the race. For our Giveaway question for the Matthew Stafford Genesis - What's your favourite sport!