Fort Lauderdale man ran a $30,000 scam on Universal Orlando. Next trip: federal prison

David J. Neal
·1 min read

A Fort Lauderdale husband, stepfather and convicted felon pulled a modern card-game scam on Universal Orlando Resort for money and free stays.

And, last week, 32-year-old Fredrick Lewis got sentenced to another free stay, three years and one month with lodging and meals, at the federal prison in Sheridan, Oregon. Lewis also got hit with $30,780 restitution.

Lewis pleaded guilty to two counts of producing or trafficking in counterfeit devices, using with intent to defraud. His scheme wasn’t three-card monte, but a credit card and gift card shuffle.

For over two years, from March 2018 through June 2020, the Justice Department said, Lewis used stolen credit cards from 36 people to buy theme park and hotel packages online or by phone. Then Lewis and his pals would take the trips or have Universal convert the packages to gift cards.

Lewis spent seven months in Florida prison for burglary and grand theft in 2014.

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