Fort Ligonier Reopens 7 Days A Week

A major local tourist attraction closed by the coronavirus pandemic is now again open seven days a week.

Video Transcript

- A local tourist attraction has now reopened seven days a week.

- Yeah, Westmoreland County bureau chief Ross Guidotti joins us live right now from Fort Ligonier. Ross.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: Yeah, you know, Fort Ligonier is simply amazing if you're into history, like me. Like, right in front of the place, you can see these enormous British mortars that are pointed out toward areas far beyond. And so much is inside. And so many people come from around the world to visit Fort Ligonier. It is really a big deal. And it's an even bigger deal for the people who live and work at the town that bears its name.

In October of 1758, the French with their Native American allies launched an all-out assault on the British at Fort Ligonier. They failed. Recently, the coronavirus tried to do the same thing. But as of today, that has also failed.

MARY MANGES: Today is the first time that we have been reopened seven days a week since November of 2019.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: The museum and fort itself shuttered initially, then eventually reopened just a few days a week.

MARY MANGES: We typically see about 27,000 visitors a year. In 2020, we saw about just under 8,000. But we have sadly, had to turn some people away.

DIANNE STEWART: We love the history of the fort. My children have not only grown up going to the fort, but also have both worked at the fort.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: Dianne Stewart runs Abigail's Coffee Shop. For her, the town and the fort support each other. You literally could not have one without the other.

DIANNE STEWART: They send a lot of customers our direction. They send a lot of customers into the community in general.

MARY MANGES: We love when people come here, and then they go up into town and they shop, and they dine in the restaurants or they spend the weekend here.

ROSS GUIDOTTI: Yeah, huge deal for people who live and work in Latrobe. Now Fort Ligonier will now be open seven days a week from 10:00 in the morning 'til 5:00 at night. Now, let's talk about Fort Days. They happen in October. That is also an enormous celebration of the battle that took place here in Fort Ligonier, and they are on for October of 2021. In Ligonier, Ross Guidotti, KDKA News.