Fort Ticonderoga prepares for 250th anniversary of American Revolution

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Sep. 14—TICONDEROGA — With the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution approaching, Fort Ticonderoga just got its first America 250 Patriots Marker.

The museum is developing plans and checking on partnerships at the state and national levels to mark this historic anniversary next year, fort Curator Dr. Matthew Keagle said.


Fort Ticonderoga joined state and national representatives from the Daughters of the American Revolution to dedicate an America 250 Patriots Marker on the grounds of the national historic landmark.

This is the first marker of its kind in New York state and is part of a national initiative for the DAR to mark those who fought for America's independence, Keagle said.

"For Fort Ticonderoga, it is the newest in a long line of plaques, tablets, and markers stretching back to the centennial of American independence in the 1800s," Keagle said in a news release. "This marker commemorates the service and sacrifice of men and women from across North America and the world."


The anniversary will be a big year for them, fort Chief Executive Officer Beth Hill said.

"Fort Ticonderoga is delighted and honored to partner with the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) to remember the sacrifices and struggles of the men and women who fought for the noble cause of liberty in the American War of Independence," Hill said by email.

"Over the course of the next several years as America comes together to commemorate 250 years, Fort Ticonderoga will help define a national effort to remember our country's founding. We will utilize our world-class collections, pristine landscape and rich history to examine the reality of the Revolutionary War and its meaning to us today."


She said the history of the United States of America is their collective experience.

"Shaped by values, aspirations, shortcomings, and triumphs, just as this history reflects the lives of a diverse population, so it joins everyone together in the complex story that is America."

Hill said that via exhibits, events, publications and programs, Fort Ticonderoga will expand its educational impact on the history of the complex struggle to achieve independence.

Representatives at the unveiling of the marker included State Regent Patrice Birner of the New York State Organization National Society Daughters of the American Revolution; and President General Denise VanBuren and Historian General Laura Kessler, both of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

"We were honored to add a DAR America 250 Patriot Marker to its grounds, a marker that will become part of a coast-to-coast trail memorializing the men and women who achieved American independence," said VanBuren said in the release.

"We are exceptionally pleased to honor their courage and their achievements on the grounds of a key military fortification during the American Revolution and to partner with the vibrant Fort Ticonderoga Association to continue in this important work."

The DAR has applauded Fort Ticonderoga for its ongoing preservation of a historic place in American history.

"(We are) proud to partner with Fort Ticonderoga to recognize the men and women who achieved American Independence as we prepare to celebrate the 250th anniversary of our nation's founding and commemorate the events that shaped the United States," said Birner.

"We salute the Fort Ticonderoga Association for its outstanding historic preservation efforts and engaging educational programs."

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