Fort Worth Apartment Complex Floods During Severe Winter Weather

A hard freeze warning was issued across northern and central Texas on Thursday, February 18, as the National Weather Service (NWS) warned of the potential for pipe bursts.

Footage shared by Twitter user @devlyn_angel, who said it was filmed in Fort Worth, shows water running down the stories of an apartment complex while an alarmed blared. Night footage shows police and maintenance workers at the scene.

“Water was pouring out of three apartments,” user @devlyn_angel wrote in a tweet. “The sprinkler line broke in my neighbor’s apartment and displaced six families.”

“Then the valve broke and no one could do anything,” she continued. “It’s such a mess here in Texas.”

The fire department could not find the cause of the flooding, @devlyn_angel told Storyful. Storyful has contacted the fire department for confirmation.

While most Texas households have had their power restored, boil water notices remained in effect across multiple cities. Credit: @devlyn_angel via Storyful