Fort Worth To Consider 'Legal Fireworks Zones' For Residents On Fourth Of July, New Year's

The zones would be in large, unpopulated areas of the city, or next to water, and staffed by fire and police.

Video Transcript

BROOKE KATZ: Illegal fireworks turned into such a problem in Fort Worth over the past year, there was a new suggestion this week to make them legal in a few specific places. Jason Allen reports on the idea that not all city leaders are fired up about just yet.


JASON ALLEN: During a year of stay home celebrations, people in Fort Worth popped, and fired, and whistled through so many pyrotechnics, police acknowledged this week they aren't having much luck stopping it.

ROBERT ALLDREDGE: The reality is, we don't have the resources to address this problem.

JASON ALLEN: It resulted in what police and fire called a "creative suggestion" to the city-- set up legal fireworks zones for this, right now, illegal activity. They could be in unpopulated areas, maybe somewhere next to a body of water. Fire and police could staff it for safety, and they might reduce concerns about being heavy handed with enforcement on a holiday.

ROBERT ALLDREDGE: Some of the citizens don't take too kindly whenever you're taking, literally, money out of their pocket whenever you're taking these fireworks away from them.

JASON ALLEN: The idea didn't immediately spark support among City Council members.

CARY MOON: We need to have the will to write a ticket.

JASON ALLEN: Cary Moon told us, while no one likes getting a ticket-- especially on a holiday-- it's a nuisance and a safety issue that has to be addressed. Last summer, there were almost 6,000 complaint calls in Fort Worth over the 4th of July. Around New Year's, there were more than 1,100. Reports to City Council show there were two citations.

CARY MOON: I just don't know where that can be done at this time, safely. But I know that that doesn't have to happen before we start enforcing our ordinances.

JASON ALLEN: The Public Safety Agency said they called Dallas, and San Antonio, and Houston to see how they're handling the problem. They all said they have the same issue, and asked how Fort Worth is dealing with it. They are all looking for a solution before the sales season opens again this summer. In Fort Worth, Jason Allen, CBS 11 News.