Fort Worth's Tanger Outlets Launches Honey Bee Environmental Project

While shoppers stroll through the center, more than 20,000 honey bees are hard at work above them.

Video Transcript

KEN MOLESTINA: The North Texas shopping center is launching a new buzzworthy environmental project. Tanger Outlets Fort Worth is now home to its own honeybee colony. Our Caroline Vandergriff shows us how the urban beekeeping program works.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: While shoppers buzz about the Tanger Outlets, right above them, more than 22,000 honeybees are hard at work.

HOLLY CONNER: We're excited to have our new honeybees here at the shopping center.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: The rooftop habitat provides a protected home for some of the country's declining bee population, and they have an important job to do.

HOLLY CONNER: Throughout the summer months, our honey bees do fly out approximately within a three-mile radius to pollinate the fauna and the flora in the community, and they'll be bringing back nectar and pollen.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: That daily quest keeps them uninterested in humans, which is why the hives beekeeper says shoppers don't have to worry about these honey bees bothering them. This breed also has a very mild temperament and only resorts to stinging if they feel their colony is being threatened.

HOLLY CONNER: The hives will stay up year-round.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: And the shopping center wants everyone to be able to play a role in the hives progress. Tanger Outlets plans to host educational workshops for retailers and shoppers. The goal of the program is to put a spotlight on the importance of building back biodiversity within urban communities.

HOLLY CONNER: This partnership just further extends our commitment to environmental responsibility.

CAROLINE VANDERGRIFF: At the end of the season, the honeybees will produce enough money to fill about 100 jars. The shopping center plans to harvest it and share it with its neighbors. In Fort Worth, I'm Caroline Vandergriff, CBS 11 News.