Foster care workers honored at Salute to DSS Workers luncheon

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May 15—In observation of Foster Care Awareness Month, a Salute to DSS Workers luncheon was hosted by Jim Kelly on May 12 at the Aiken County Social Services Office.

Kelly, chairman of the Foster Care Review Board for Aiken and Barnwell counties, was able to serve and thank around 20 guests.

"We just wanted to take this opportunity to honor y'all for all the hard work that you do on behalf of the foster kids here in Aiken County," he said.

Present at the event were Cheryl Long and Dawn Owen, both members of the board representing Barnwell County.

"Y'all have the most thankless job probably in the whole world. And you deserve so much more. Thank you," said Owen.

"There are around 390,000 kids in the United States in the system," said Kelly.

He stated that he wanted to thank everyone for "all the work that you guys do to get them into the system, get them properly evaluated, get things set up for them, get their parents evaluated, and advocate for the parents so that optimally, one day we can put them back with Mom and Dad."

Coretta Bush-Etheredge, the program coordinator, shared her own thoughts with the group as well.

"We support you guys," she said. "You guys are doing an awesome, awesome, awesome job here in Aiken County."

Another luncheon will be hosted in Barnwell County in the coming weeks.