We Found the 15 Nail Wraps That Will Really (Truly) Look Like an Actual Mani

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Let's just state the obvious: Nail wraps have a reputation for being a real pain in the you-know-what. Although these alternative mani's may have a bad wrap (heh), there are actually some serious pros to using them that far outweigh the cons.

First, they allow you to change up your nail color at the drop of a dime. Second, they're a far more reasonably priced alternative to a professional mani. Hiif you're like me and casually drop $100 at the nail salon each visit, you'll be saving some serious cash in the long run. Not to mention the fact that they're the fastest way to create your own at-home nail art that's on the level of the below artists. The best nail polish strips will do that in next to no time.

Yes, I hear you. The major complaint that most people have about nail wraps is that they just don't look real enough. Well, I'm here to rectify that issue by providing you with some options that do, my friends. Whatever qualms you may have about stick ons, find them squashed by the wraps on this list.

Scratch Freshly Picked Nail Wraps ($10)

Floral nails are for sure making a comeback. These fresh, gorgeously designed wraps will have people thinking you went to a first-class nail artist.

Artips Thea Gel Nail Strips ($7)

This cool matte design is simple but far from basic. Best of all, it's subtle enough to still look like a real mani.

Dashing Diva Pomegranate Paloma Gloss Ultra Shine Gel palette ($7)

For a simple, sultry shade, try these wraps, aptly nailed Pomegranate Paloma.

Stanley Pop Los Angeles Acapulco ($11)

A fun, twisted take on a French tip, these partially transparent stick-ons will appear so real it's scary.

Dashing Diva Moody Mauve Gloss Ultra Shine Gel Color ($7)

The best nail polish strips are ones that really ooze a fall mood.

Kalolary Semi Cured Gel nail Polish Strips ($13)

Dying to have a Clueless moment? These plaid strips are definitely for you.

Dashing Diva Jedi Jade GLoss Ultra Shine Gel Palette ($7)

I'll be shook if we don't see moss nail polish everywhere this season. Get the look in record time with these jade-colored stick-ons.

L-W Starry Sky Nail Art Stickers ($7)

Starry night–themed nails are stunning but not usually easy to achieve yourself. Now, you can sport such a bold design without the extra work of using nail foil. Bonus: They're matte enough to look ultra real.

Vanity Table N Newtro No. 1 ($14)

This design is unique yet requires next to no effort on your part.

Scratch Desert Dreams Nail Wraps ($10)

Bring the vacay to you with these Desert Dreams Nail Wraps. Will that be one or two cocktails for you?

Tyemp Marble Nail Foil ($8)

No shade to regular stick-ons, but I have to say that nail foil really takes the cake, especially when it's marble.

Paintbucket Pucker Power Nail Wrap Kit ($15)

If lips-themed nails once seemed out of reach, look no further than Paintbucket's cleverly crafted nail polish strips.

Tenfold New Yorker in Tuxedo ($12)

These strips give me NYE celebration vibes. It's never too early to start planning your look.

Sticki Nail Decal Pack ($15)

These gingham ones are some of the best nail polish strips around because they're cute and classic. The design is simple enough to look like you hand-painted them yourself.

Polish Pops But First, Champagne ($9)

If you're not into a full nail decal, try a design like this that's half transparent.

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