I Found Out That Disney World's Layout Is An Easter Egg, And The Attention To Detail Is Impressive

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IDK if it's a hot take or not, but to me, Liberty Square has always been the most boring part of Disney World.

The Liberty Square Riverboat docked at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando Florida
Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

It's not that I hate riverboats, but there are no singing birds, spaceships, Disney characters, or mountains, which, to me, has always made it feel like more of a museum than a fantasy world at a Disney park.


However, in honor of Disney World's 50th Anniversary, I talked with Imagineer Gary Landrum, who said he's always had a fondness for Liberty Square. Then, he hit me with probably the funnest Disney fun fact known to mankind. Are you ready for it?


He said, "As a way to link, in a sort of design way, the background stories between Liberty Square and Frontierland, we actually mark the growth of America from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean."

A map of The Magic Kingdom with an arrow traveling around the boardwalk between Liberty Square and Frontierland
Disney / Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

"So, if you start with our Haunted Mansion, which is a Hudson River Dutch Gothic mansion... [it's] solidly placing us on the Eastern Seaboard."

The brick exterior of the Haunted Mansion
Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

"We then move a little more or less to Philadelphia with the signing of the Declaration of Independence and Hall of Presidents..."

The exterior of the Hall of Presidents
Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

"You have the river boat landing…the Rivers of America represents a meeting of the Twin rivers to form the Mississippi"

The Liberty Belle docked in front of Tom Sawyer Island
Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

"But what great story takes place in that setting? Tom Sawyer. Hence...Tom Sawyer's Island and the rafts and keelboats."

The wheelhouse on Tom Sawyer Island in the Magic Kingdom
Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

"You get to the Diamond Horseshoe. In the original show, Slue Foot Sue and Diamond Jim dated the show and told you it was taking place in St. Louis."

The exterior of the Diamond Horseshoe
Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

"What is St. Louis but the Gateway to the frontier?"

The Gateway arch at dusk

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, is symbolically known as the "Gateway to the West."

Joe Daniel Price / Getty Images

"Hence, literally, your gateway into Frontierland."

The sign welcoming people into Frontierland
Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

"And when you cross that little stream, you are symbolically crossing the Mississippi River."

A bridge with a stream running under it and an arrow pointing to that stream
Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

"You then come in and you're faced with Colorado log cabin architecture for Grizzly Home and the Country Bear Jamboree..."

The Country Bear Jamboree building
Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

"Stacks done in adobe [are for] Arizona and Pecos Bill's Tall Tale Café."

The exterior of Pecos Bill's Tall Tall Inn
Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

"And then you have the train station that would be replaced by Thunder Mesa on the Western River Expedition, which was Monument Valley, Arizona rock work. The Western River was the rapid rise through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It takes me right to the Pacific coast."

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed, Francesco Riccardo Iacomino / Getty Images

"Most of what we do, we've got a comedy of ghosts going on over here..."

A bust at the front of the queue for Haunted Mansion
Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

"You've got a documentary about the Presidents over here..."

Three portraits of presidents in The Hall of Presidents
Roberto Machado Noa / LightRocket via Getty Images

"You've got singing and dancing saloon girls next to singing and dancing bears next to a runaway mine train."

The menu for The Diamond Horseshoe
Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

"But because each of these architectural styles evolve after each other...you segue using music, props, and landscaping, [and] we can move the audience from incredibly diverse stories of Haunted Mansion to the Hall of Presidents to the Diamond Horseshoe to Country Bear Jamboree to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad...you know, it all just seems to work."

Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed



Fifty years and there are still Easter eggs that blow my mind! Got any other awesome Disney fun facts? Lay them on me in the comments below!

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