Founder hopes Trump site will ‘Make dating great again!’


The founder of said Friday that membership in his online dating service has increased by 1,400 percent in less than two days, jumping from 500 members to 7,000.

David Goss and his business partner, Tim Burks — both Trump supporters themselves – said they were floored by their website’s overnight growth following a New York Post feature, followed by coverage from a number of other media outlets.

“We didn’t expect it to get this big. We certainly didn’t expect to get so much attention,” Goss told Yahoo News of the website. “But when we started to get all of the traffic we were like, ‘All right, we need to beef this up.’”

The exponential growth in membership in the past day has caused TrumpSingles to crash four times, he said. The site was down for much of the day Thursday.

Goss, who manages the business aspects of the service, was inspired to create TrumpSingles when a friend told him about in February. BernieSingles aims to connect singles who share similar views of the presidential race.

“I thought there must be one for Trump [backers], too,” Goss said.

A quick search later, Goss was surprised to find that there wasn’t. So, he and Burks bought the domain name Two months later, on May 16, the website was live.

Goss said the site was gearing up to launch mobile apps for iOS and Android sometime next week. He would not give an exact date, as they are waiting for the apps to be functioning perfectly before they go public.

“We’re not trying to put out a half-assed product,” Goss said, laughing.

Additionally, they plan to launch a line of hats, T-shirts and tank tops featuring the website’s logo and its slogan: “Make dating great again!”

TrumpSingles is not the only online dating site to put a romantic twist on Trump’s campaign slogan, however. MapleMatch, a dating site dedicated to finding Trump-fleeing American citizens Canadian spouses, has adopted the slogan too.

Though the presumptive GOP nominee spent his Friday afternoon campaigning for evangelical Christian votes, TrumpSingles appears open to matchups that those voters might disapprove of. Registered users are able indicate their interest in same-sex relationships, extramarital affairs and casual flings.

In any case, the founders are glad that people are taking their website seriously. Initially, they were concerned that people might view it as a joke, they told the Post. Still, Goss and Burks have not heard any success stories from their users. They have, however, gotten “positive feedback” on Twitter, Goss said.

So far at least, the website’s namesake has not reached out to the duo.

Trump’s “busy trying to be president; he’s not paying attention to some stupid website,” Goss explained.