Founding members of Rubi Girls celebrate Dayton with new television show

Ashley Moor, Dayton Daily News, Ohio
·4 min read

Apr. 7—Two founding members of the Rubi Girls have launched a new television show featuring games and Dayton-centric segments with local guests. "The FonDana Show," set to premiere Tuesday, April 13 at Mudlick Tap House, is hosted by Fonda Peters (Tim Farquhar) and Dana Sintell (Joshua Stucky). For the past few decades, the Rubi Girls have been performing comedy drag shows to sold-out crowds.

As the coronavirus pandemic began to take shape in the Miami Valley, Stucky and Farquhar felt it was important to bring their comedic shenanigans to a platform everyone could access. They believed "The FonDana Show" could be the perfect platform to showcase the community leaders, organizations, businesses and charities that represent the heart of Dayton.

"It just sort of seemed like a good time to do it," said Farquhar. "But we also feel like, within our community, that this is such a great time to feature what's going on in the community — and do it with a little bit of a twist, like bringing things to the forefront in a really fun way."

Considering much of the Rubi Girls' work has been charity-driven, "The FonDana Show" will involve opportunities to raise money for charities around the Miami Valley. Each guest will have a chance to donate to the area charity organization of their choice by participating in fun games (like a cheeky one called The Boob Job).

At its core, "The FonDana Show" was created to showcase the strength and creativity of Dayton. An impressive roster of local guests includes Amelia Robinson, former reporter for the Dayton Daily News and current reporter for Columbus Dispatch, Alexis Larsen, external affairs director at the Dayton Art Institute, Eva Buttacavoli, executive director of The Contemporary Dayton, and Philip Drennen, co-artistic director of Dare 2 Defy Productions.

"It goes beyond us," said Stucky. "It goes beyond the show. It really is about a bigger piece, which is, how do we take care of our community?"

Stucky and Farquhar will also pay tribute to another local drag icon during the first episode of their show. The duo will highlight the work of Daytonian Darryl Demure and his show, "Harper's Bazzaroworld Presents The Ms. Demure Show," which is the oldest LGBTQ public access variety talk show in the United States.

Fans of the Rubi Girls will also have the opportunity to catch frequent glimpses of their favorite characters such as Minnie Skirt (Alex Everett) and India Summer (Brent Johnson), who will have regular segments on the show.

"Being a part of the Rubi Girls, I have always thought with some bias we are TV's next guilty pleasure," Everett said. "Charity, heart, comedy and drinks — what else would you want? 'The FonDana Show' has it all."

"'The FonDana Show' is not just a show, it's a testament to our great city and two ladies who love it," Johnson added. "Being a part of this adventure humbled me and makes me proud of my girlfriends! It's so exciting!"

The brand new show is being filmed on the second floor of Mudlick Tap House in Dayton. During each taping of the show, Mudlick mixologist Thomas Morris will prepare a signature drink for the hosts, guests and a live studio audience to sip throughout. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, roughly 10 people are permitted to watch the taping inside Mudlick. According to Stucky and Farquhar, audiences will have more chances in the future to attend live tapings of the show.

"The FonDana Show" is produced and directed by Lauren and Andrew White, the couple behind IndigoLife TV. Viewers will be able to stream the first episode on the couple's latest venture, NearuTV, on Wednesday, April 14. Nearu TV is a streaming service specializing in creating entertainment that showcases the work of creators and industry leaders in Dayton. After the premiere of the first episode, one episode will be released in the middle of each month for the remainder of the show's run. "The FonDana Show" will also be posted on YouTube and Facebook. More details about streaming the show on YouTube and Facebook will be announced at a later date.

An in-person red carpet premiere of "The FonDana Show" will be held at Top of the Market on Tuesday, April 13 at 8 p.m. Guests will be able to view the first episode of the show on a large outdoor screen in the parking lot. To attend the event, guests are required to register on Eventbrite.