Four innovations that surprised visitors at CES


Location: Las Vegas

Four innovations that surprised visitors at CES

1. These are the first wireless pearl earring headphones

according to the company behind the technology, Nova

(Laurence Gaubert, Nova CEO)

“They are using the directional sound technology that we have patented and we send the sound from the pearl into the ear and the ear canal is free. That means you have... like a music surrounding you. It's a new sound experience and you can be connected without disconnecting to the surroundings.”

The plated gold option retails for around $740

while the plated silver goes for about $640

2. This is what a $10,000 smart toilet looks like

(Andrew Van Gorden, Product Marketing Manager at Kohler)

"With our Kohler Numi 2.0 smart toilet, you'll never leave the lit up again. It's a completely touchless experience that closes and flushes automatically as you leave the bathroom."

Kohler's Numi 2.0 toilet includes a built-in Amazon Alexa

that can play music, news and weather reports

It also offers personalized dryer functions and a self-cleaning feature

that uses UV light to kill bacteria and germs

3. This ‘flying boat’ is the first long-range and high speed electric boat

according to Swedish company Candela

[Mikael Mahlberg, Head of Communications / Candela]

"So behind us we see the Candela C-8 which is the first long-range and high speed electric boat. It flies on hydrofoils and these hydrofoils reduce energy consumption by 80% compared to our conventional boat. So, that means that we can squeeze out more miles at high speeds."

"Electrification in boating hasn't really caught on. And the reason is that it's hard to electrify conventional boats. So if you have a boat hull, planing boat hull, it uses about 15 times more energy than a car per mile at high speeds because it has to displace so much water just going through the water, it basically goes through water. So what we've done is that we have as aircraft wings, or hydrofoils under the water which make this boat fly above the friction."

4. This AI-powered exoskeleton has got your back, literally

It's developed by Bavaria-based mobility company German Bionic

(Norma Steller, German Bionic Chief Product Officer)

"It's designed for workers in a physically demanding job and what it does is it keeps people healthy when they lift."

"This is a 40lb weight. The device enables me to lift it, obviously. But what it really does, is it helps me to keep my back healthy. It supports me with 66lbs on every lift. That means the 40lb I have here is not on my back. The specialty about the product is it's AI-enabled. That means it learns how I move and it can support me in the way that I need to be supported as an individual."

The Cray X exoskeleton won the CES 2023 'Best of Innovation' award for wearable technologies