Four men charged for burning police vehicles

The US Attorney in Philadelphia has charged four men for allegedly setting fire to police vehicles in May during protests. They face a minimum of seven years in prison if convicted. (Oct. 29)

Video Transcript

WILLIAM M. MCSWAIN: In the first case, my officers filed a three-count indictment against Ayoub Tabri alleging several crimes, all stemming from his alleged destruction of one of the PSP-- Pennsylvania State Police-- SUVs. Now in the second case announced today, my office has charged three individuals-- Carlos Matchett, Khalif Miller, and Anthony Smith-- in a three-count indictment with arson, attempted arson, aiding and abetting, and obstruction of law enforcement during a civil disorder.

These charges are based upon their alleged destruction of a Philadelphia Police Department civil affairs vehicle. The indictment further alleges that these defendants' actions created a substantial risk of injury to one or more persons, including public safety officers. All three of these defendants in that case are in federal custody.

My office will be moving for detention of each of these defendants so that they will remain in federal custody until their trial. If convicted, each of these defendants faces a mandatory minimum term of seven years in federal prison and a maximum possible sentence of 65 years, followed by three years of supervised release, a fine of $750,000, and a special assessment of $300.