Four-Year-Old Boy Survives Fall From 6th-Floor Window in the Bronx

Body-camera footage shows the moment police and EMS arrived at a Bronx public housing complex on Tuesday, April 5, after a four-year-old boy fell from a sixth-floor window to the ground below.

The incident happened shortly before 1 pm at Patterson Houses, a New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) complex in Mott Haven. The boy was suspected to have fallen through a gap in a window in which an air-conditioning unit had been installed, ABC7 reported.

The boy was crying and alert after he landed, reports said.

The bodycam video, which does not include audio, shows responders arriving as residents tended to the boy after he landed on a patch of grass outside the building. After police quickly check the boy for injuries, an officer picks the boy up into his arms, runs into a police vehicle, and then rushes the boy to Lincoln Medical Center, a block away.

He sustained fractures in both legs and damage to a kidney and was expected to survive, according to NBC New York, citing police.

The boy’s mother, 29-year-old Dominique Christian, speaking to CBS2 on Wednesday, said she had repeatedly told her son not to play near the window. A gap next to the air-conditioner was covered by wood and duct tape, she said. “I tried my best just to keep it sealed, but … he just kept taking the thing off,” she told CBS2.

All the other windows in the apartment had window guards, according to NYCHA, which said it was investigating the fall. Credit: NYPD via Storyful

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