A four-year-old is Britain's youngest Mensa member

STORY: This four-year-old is Britain's

youngest member of Mensa

Teddy Hobbs taught himself

how to read at the age of two

(Beth Hobbs, Teddy's mom)

"During lockdown obviously he watched a bit more telly than he would do normally, but he was asking to watch Alphablocks and Numberblocks instead. And, you know, we were asking the questions, you know, that's interesting but do you want to watch Teletubbies instead or do you want to watch more generic children's programming? He was adamant he only wanted to watch the educational ones. And again, you're there as a parent. You there like, well, if you're asking for education, like, go for it. And then he suddenly started picking up on it."

Mensa is an international organization for high-IQ individuals

Teddy gained entry after scoring above

the 98th percentile on a Mensa IQ test

He can count to 100 in several

languages, including Mandarin