Four-Year-Old Gets Stuck in Claw Machine in Queensland

A four-year-old learned a valuable lesson after getting herself stuck in a claw machine at a restaurant in Airlie Beach, Queensland, on December 20.

Video recorded by Melanie Pike shows the moment she discovered her four-year-old daughter Poppy stuck inside the claw machine in distress.

Pike told Storyful Poppy’s older twin sisters had persuaded her to climb inside the machine to take some teddies.

Pike said she and her partner were eating lunch when the twins alerted them to Poppy’s predicament. “At first we just thought her arm was stuck, until we walked outside and saw her fully in the machine,” Pike said.

The whole incident lasted about five minutes, Pike said, with her partner helping Poppy navigate back down the same hole she came through.

Once free, Pike said Poppy was forced to return her spoils. “She stole two teddy’s [sic] which I made her give back to the bar staff to teach her a lesson about stealing.” Credit: Melanie Pike via Storyful

Video Transcript


MELANIE PIKE: You wouldn't believe it. You would not believe it. Oh, my God. The kid's just come in running in while we're eating lunch. Poppy's stuck in--

- Teddy. Teddy. Bunch of teddies.

MELANIE PIKE: Poppy has-- how are we going to get you out? How'd you fit in there?

- Mummy, look. I got a teddy.

MELANIE PIKE: OK-- Huh? They don't have a key?

- No, [INAUDIBLE] She's getting the key. [INAUDIBLE] All right, we're going to get the key. Yeah, sit on your bum. Sit on your bum.


- Yeah, put your feet under. All right.

MELANIE PIKE: I got this [INAUDIBLE] I'm surprised she fit in there. She's coming out, Ivy. Don't cry. Oh, we're out.

- There you go. That's why you don't try and steal out a vending machine. [INAUDIBLE]