Four people charged after civilian deaths due to closed shelter in Kyiv

Three people died near the closed shelter in the capital polyclinic

People weren't able to get into the polyclinic shelter during the Russian overnight air attack on Kyiv on June 1. Three people were killed by falling missile debris because of this.

The court sent the security guard of the polyclinic to custody for two months without the right to post bail, Suspilne TV added on Telegram later. The suspect pleaded guilty, admitting that it was unintentional as he just lacked time to open the shelter after the air raid sirens had started to sound and before the incident.

The First Deputy Head of Desnianskyi District Administration was also placed under home arrest.

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The civilians were killed in Kyiv’s Desnianskyi District by the Russian ballistic and cruise missile strike overnight on June 1. A 9-year-old girl and two women didn't manage to get to the closed bomb shelter in the local children’s polyclinic.

A criminal case has been opened over official negligence that led to grave consequences. Three officials and a security guard at Kyiv's medical facility have been charged.

The tragedy triggered a push to inspect the capital's shelters and raised a wave of questions of political authorities and the city's military administration.

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