Four ways to use those leftover Easter eggs

The leftover hard boiled eggs after Easter can be used for healthy recipes.

Video Transcript

- And it is Easter Sunday, obviously. Eggs are a big part of many, many of the Easter traditions. So you've got egg hunts, dyeing eggs--

- Yeah, all sorts of stuff going on. And once you're done, you've got leftovers. Health and fitness expert Stephanie Mansour's here, sharing four different ways to enjoy those leftover hard boiled eggs.

STEPHANIE MANSOUR: Happy Easter. Well, Easter eggs are a tradition if you're celebrating Easter. And whether you do an Easter egg hunt, or whether you dye your eggs with your kids, eggs are a big theme today. So if you did dye your eggs, and you're wondering what to do with all those leftover hard boiled eggs, I've got four simple ideas that you can use to eat these eggs, either yourself, or with your kids.

Now, as a personal trainer, and also a weight loss coach for women, I love eating eggs first thing in the morning, because they're chock full of protein. They've got essential amino acids that our bodies need. They help us to speed up the metabolism, build muscle, and they also contain some nutrients in them that can actually help with our brain function.

So in a couple of studies, as well, there's research that supports that eating eggs for breakfast, instead of something like a bagel or a waffle, actually helps to speed up weight loss. So you're starting yourself off in the morning with something good, hearty, and full of protein. Now if you're trying to get your kids to eat a hard boiled egg, something that I like to do for my baby niece is take out the yolk.

Now she's not a fan of the yolk. The yolk is full of nutrients, but the egg white is where you're getting that protein. So she loves eating these little ripped up pieces of hard boiled egg whites with everything but the bagel seasoning on it. Now, if you don't have that seasoning from your local grocery store, you can, of course, just add some salt and pepper, and maybe even a little bit of lemon.

Now for the adults, if you're looking for a way to amp up your salads, instead of topping your salads with chicken or nuts, think about adding a sliced up hard boiled egg onto your salad, either for lunch today, or for lunch throughout the week this week. You can add one to two eggs, and that's going to give you six to 12 grams of protein.

And the calories in one egg is actually really low. It's only 75 calories per egg. So this is a really good protein-to-calorie ratio. And of course, we've got a little bit of a healthy fat in there as well. Now, if you've got a little more time on your hands, I love making a healthy egg salad and putting it on a cracker.

Now I use the cracker, or you can use a tortilla chip or a piece of bread-- I use it as the vehicle to consume my egg. So I'm not loading up on the carbs here, but I am using the carbs so that I can put my egg salad on top. All you need to do is take two hard boiled eggs, mash them up in a bowl, add in a little bit of mayo, or even dairy-free mayo, add in some salt, add in some pepper, and there you go. You've got a delicious egg salad open-faced sandwich.

And finally, if you're used to running into a coffee shop, and you're on the go, and you're trying to grab something healthy, you may have seen those Bento boxes that contain, normally, just a hard peeled hard boiled egg, and either apples or carrots, and maybe some hummus or nut butter. So make your own little Bento box. I've got two hard boiled eggs here, again that's 12 grams of protein, so great protein for a meal, as well as a veggie.

I've got my carrots here. So pair your eggs with a fruit or a veggie for a complete meal or a complete snack to help you stay not only energized but also full for longer. So if you're looking for more tips, feel free to follow me on Instagram. I'm at Step It Up with Steph, or you can also download my free weight-loss guide at Have a great Easter and eat your eggs!

- Thank you so much, Steph.