Fourth Of July Grocery Store Hours In Douglasville

Gillian Smith

DOUGLASVILLE, GA – The Fourth of July holiday won’t be the same amid the coronavirus pandemic, but families and friends still able to gather and celebrate the day may do so, including those in Douglasville.

And it’s almost inevitable that a supply of condiments, hot dogs, potato chips and other July 4 classics will be forgotten on the day. Luckily, the majority of grocery stores will still be open to help out.

Here are the grocery stores that will be open on the Fourth of July in Douglasville, along with a couple of those that won’t.

Some grocery stores are still operating under special coronavirus-related hours, so make sure to double-check with your neighborhood location.

ALDI: ALDI’s will be open on July 4, but has special holiday hours for the day. You’ll want to check with your local store.

Costco: All Costco locations are closed on July 4.

Dollar General: Dollar General is open on Independence Day, but check with your local store for possible adjusted hours.

Kroger: All Georgia locations are maintaining their current hours for the Fourth of July holiday.

Sam’s Club: Sam’s Club locations will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the Fourth of July.

Target: Target locations are open on Independence Day in 2020. Store hours will depend on your neighborhood location.

Trader Joe’s: All stores will be closed on July 4.

Walmart: Walmart stores will be open for regular local hours on Independence Day.

This article originally appeared on the Douglasville Patch