Fox News Anchor Files $5 Million Lawsuit Over Toy That Shares Her Name

Harris Faulkner, an anchor on a couple of Fox News shows, is suing toy company Hasbro over a hamster that shares her name.

Harrison Faulkner, Fox News anchor or cartoonish hamster toy "that presents a choking hazard?" The answer will be up to a court to decide now.

Harrison Faulkner, human being, is suing Hasbro, makers of Harrison Faulkner, hamster toy, according to The Associated Press.

Faulkner, a host of something called Outnumbered, a daytime Fox News program featuring a panel of women and, in their words, "one lucky guy," is not happy about the hamster toy that shares her name. In fact she's $5 million not happy, according to the lawsuit.

The official complaint states that Faulkner is suing because the toy has stolen her name, persona and eye makeup style.

It also states that her "credibility as a journalist" has been harmed by the toy. If she's really worried about that last part she might want to consider suing Fox News too – just sayin'.

Honestly, Hasbro's best defense in this case might be to just show up in court and ask "um, why would anyone name a toy after Harrison Faulkner?" That's what we're saying.

For their part, the only thing that Hasbro denied to the AP was the lawsuit's assertion that the toy is a choking hazard.


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