Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems are going to court in $1.6 billion lawsuit

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Dominion Voting Systems will have its day in court.

The election technologies company that saw its name dragged through the mud after the 2020 presidential election, despite no evidence of any wrongdoing, is asking $1.6 billion from Fox News, which broadcast disinformation about Dominion.

A Delaware judge ruled Friday it was “crystal clear” information broadcast on Fox News following Trump’s electoral loss were false and has sent the case to trial. “The statements at issue were dramatically different than the truth,” Superior Court Judge Eric Davis said.

Trial is expected to begin mid-April unless a last-minute settlement is reached.

Fox News contends it was dutifully reporting on allegations made by representatives for Donald Trump, who was the sitting president.

The judge conceded it isn’t entirely Fox News’ fault that conspiracy theorists believe the election was rigged, but called it “noteworthy” that some Americans remain deluded. A jury will hear Fox News’ defense in a couple weeks and decide if the fabulist cable channel defamed Dominion.

Fox News says it will continue advocating for “a free press” as proceedings against it move forward.

Dominion said in a statement it was satisfied with the court’s ruling Friday, adding, “We look forward to going to trial.”

Both sides asked Davis to render a verdict on whether Fox News acted with malice, but he ruled a jury should make that decision. Davis also said jurors would decide if damages inflicted by Fox News — which routinely draws larger ratings than cable news stations — rose to the 10-figure sum being sought.

Pre-trial texts and emails indicate Fox News executives, producers and hosts knew the network’s reporting was false, but worried ratings and stock prices would plummet if they upset ”cousin f---ing” viewers wanting to believe Trump won the 2020 presidential election.

Fox News accuses Dominion of cherry-picking quotes that require greater context.

The network also faces a $2.7 billion lawsuit from Smartmatic elections company, which has levelled similar complaints against the media giant.

Dominion also filed suit against right-wing media outlets OANN and Newsmax for their reporting of the 2020 election.

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