Fox News Host Brian Kilmeade Says You Shouldn’t ‘Blindly Back the Blue’

Fox News
Fox News

According to Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, the network’s police-backing viewers should no longer “blindly back the blue” due to the FBI’s supposedly biased treatment of their favorite twice-impeached ex-president.

Amid the fallout from the feds’ raid on former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate, the former president and his allies have relentlessly raged against the bureau, wildly accused agents of planting evidence, and even called for the FBI to be defunded. Additionally, MAGA media has fumed over a so-called “two-tiered justice system” that has “unfairly” targeted Trump and conservatives.

Trump drew even more fuel for his ire against the Justice Department this week when it was reported that a top-level FBI agent who was involved in investigations into President Joe Biden’s son Hunter had recently retired. The agent, Timothy Thibault, has been accused by GOP senators of “improper conduct” and political bias in the Hunter Biden probe.

While the ex-president baselessly claimed on his social-media platform that Thibault was fired for “wrongdoing,” Kilmeade kicked off Trump’s favorite morning program by raging that this was further proof that Trump is justified in vilifying federal law enforcement.

Wondering “how the hell does this guy get to retire” after his purported anti-Trump bias, the veteran Fox & Friends co-host then launched into a lengthy tirade that also wrapped in many of Trumpworld’s favorite characters from Russiagate. And at the same time, he suggested that other conservatives need to be wary of the FBI coming for them next.

“Put him with Lisa Page and all those others that, if you are President Trump, how can you back the FBI?” Kilmeade groused. “How can you not question the sanctity of the raid? That’s why you don’t blindly black the blue. That’s why—is law enforcement right or wrong? It means you have no credibility if everything you think they do is correct.”

He continued: “It means when you praise them, it means nothing. And which is 99 percent of the time. But you are going to tell me that this guy had just one bad year and one candidate just drove him over the top, Donald Trump? I’m sure that his record is checkered with a lot of dicey stuff…are we next?!”

After Kilmeade and fellow pro-Trump co-host Ainsley Earhardt blasted CNN for bringing on former FBI agent—and MAGA boogeyman—Peter Strzok to discuss the Mar-a-Lago raid, Kilmeade demanded that FBI chief Christopher Wray conduct widespread investigations of his bureau.

Kilmeade then raged about the raid itself, misleadingly stating that Trump was “negotiating” with the feds to provide the classified documents that they inevitably seized this month. (Trump and his legal team, in reality, repeatedly resisted efforts by the government to recover the records and even lied about the amount of classified information at Mar-a-Lago.)

The Fox host then concluded by throwing years’ worth of right-wing grievance at the wall to make the case that Trump and others should have disdain for the FBI.

“If you are President Trump and you know what’s going on with six agents who should have been fired, resigned and living in disgrace, and now you find out this happens, and then you find out additional information leading up to the 2020 election, and you say to yourself ‘how can you trust anything?!’’ Kilmeade blathered.

“You do not blame him for wondering what is going on with the investigations and the scrutiny on him,” he added. “How Paul Manafort ends up in solitary confinement? How Michael Flynn is ruined by FBI agents who happened to show up and, you know, Roger Stone on down. Life ruined, life ruined, life ruined and they’re focusing now on what they consider their big guy, and that’s President Trump!”

Interestingly, it was just two weeks ago when Kilmeade’s longtime colleague Steve Doocy was urging Trump and right-wing media to tone down their rhetoric against the FBI, asking them not to “rush to judgment” before determining the FBI is “crazy.”

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